18 Killer Templates from John Carlton’s Famous Sales Ads

18 Killer Templates from John Carltons Famous Sales Ads

John Carlton is one of the most respected and been-around-the-block copywriter in the world. His sales writing has been credited for decades by many of the best and most successful marketers on the Internet.

Johnís career started out as the hot-shot “secret weapon” freelance copywriter of several ad agencies on Los Angeles. Today, he conducts lectures, consulations, and also personally connects with entrepreneurs and business owners in the sales and marketing arena.

Here is sample list of bullets we’ve collected from Carlton’s ads and sales letters over the years. Most of these were about his self-defense promos but if you’re not into Martial Arts, don’t let that turn you off. The subject doesn’t matter. Notice the sales writing techniques and know that you can actually apply it to any subject.

*How to use a simple “cat-like” move to instantly position yourself to deliver the easiest knock-out blow imaginable – a strike so natural your grandmother could pull it off against Mike Tyson.

*How to “bee line” straight for the most vulnerable part of your opponent, so you really can end 90% of potential fights with a single move that cannot be defended against.

*Train so that you can feel your enemy’s moves – even with your eyes closed, in total darkness!

*How to unleash animal-like swiftness inside you. This is a level of skill that goes beyond your normal speed and strength.

*Clever ways to prevent your opponent from “countering” your best moves – while you counter all of this

*How to shoot when you’re “jammed” against someone who’s right on top of you – when you have no margin for error and no time for any mistakes

*When and how to “slack” out of the trigger so you can shoot the instant you need to. we’re talking hundredths of a second that can make the difference between your life and death.

*Kill zones on the human body: At this camp, we weren’t training to shoot paper or metal, but another human being who is bent on causing you or your family severe harm. You have to kill or be killed – it’s that simple! A well placed shot will do the job – no matter if you’re using a 9mm or .45 cal. But you have to know where to aim and hit that spot.

*Your “internal guidance system” for the gun. Remember: whatever “data” you put into your grip will determine where the round will hit down-range.

*How to gain the masters’ skills of “instinctive” shooting – so that when your weapon is brought up to bear, it’s immediately on target and can be fired accurately every time. No more ‘spray and pray’!

*Where to strike the opponent to end the fight quickly, no matter how big he is or how surprised you are by the attack (With these blitz fighting tactics, you’ll be victorious and done before a bead of sweat appears on your brow).

*How to get inside the mindset of two main kinds of stalkers…and learn to intuitively spot them before they have a chance to move to the latter stages (always bad) of their plan. (All criminals stalk before striking – some take a few minutes to see how much of a victim you’ll be, and others take days or weeks. They cannot act once they are “found out”…but they seldom are, because most people are just oblivious to even know they’re being stalked).

*The single most important decision you must make before any crime happens…that will increase your chances of survival by 100%. (Not making this decision is the principle reason many otherwise competent, strong, and fight-skilled men become scared victims)

*How to set up an impenetrable “wall of safety” around your home…for spare change! (In fact, sometimes the most expensive alarm systems are the worst way to deter crime.

*How to quickly arm yourself (permanently) with an “invisible baseball bat”- a simple move so devastating, using nothinq but your natural body movements, that it will drop Godzilla in a heartbeat!

*The “lazy man’s” trick to winning any fight on the ground – if you are surprised by an attacker or somehow wind up on the floor, these secrets will end it immediately. (This is the secret to “simplified but guaranteed” ground fighting that even one of the famous South Americans got interested in when he stopped by Mike’s training studio!)

*You don’t need to train like a fighter. The simplicity of these 3 fighting secrets is stunning – once you learn it, it’s yours to use. If you don’t have the time waste in a dojo training, this will change your life. And…your “will” to fight will never hamper you. You may never use this or you may have to use it tonight… yet that “warrior’s heart” will be inside you, with all the necessary confidence and inner strength required to engage quickly and win decisively.

*How to stay completely focused during your round exactly like the pros! The secret is knowing how to relax, and when to relax so you are not burned out by the sixth green, and still having fun by the eighteenth.