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Facebook Tip 2: Different Ways of Tagging People in Facebook

Facebook Tips

Tagging People in Facebook Tagging people in Facebook brings people into your page and let them see what you’re up to. This is a powerful strategy to use for sharing updates, events and also for free advertising. Tagging creates a notification on the tagged person’s news feeds and will also appear on their homepage. Their […]

Facebook Tip 1: Never use Auto Posting to Facebook

Facebook Tips

Auto Posting: A Facebook No-No Auto posting can surely save a lot of time compared to manually posting updates on activities for your Facebook Page. Every post you create on your blog, every tweet you make, every email, these get auto posted on Facebook. Auto posting software saves you time from going into your page […]

Be On Top With Digital Marketing

Marketing has been unremarkably the greatest advantage of any business in the world today. Everywhere you go, you will advertisements or posters or billboards of some products available in the market. But compared from the past years, the world has grown rapidly and therefore billboards and posters are not enough to reach the big market […]

What is YouTube Marketing?


Over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day, 5 hours of video content every second. Great opportunities marketing with YouTube.

What makes a website stand out? It’s the content and videos. Especially coming from YouTube, it actually speaks more than a million words and that’s what you want for a solid content. Adding a YouTube channel to your website to fill your quality videos in will make people go back as often as they can to get information.

Microsoft demonstrated virtual teleportation using HoloLens

The Oculus Rift might have just launched for consumers, but Microsoft is working on virtually transporting people into remote situations through augmented reality. Called Holoportation, it can capture an image of an individual and the surrounding space, and transmit it to someone anywhere in the world, as long as they’re using a HoloLens device, Microsofts AR […]

Youtube Advertising For Your Business

Video marketing is central to a lot of businesses today as it was projected by many research agencies for the largest accelerated growth over other advertising platforms in the recent years. As one of the most popular websites for the general public, Youtube caters to everyone’s viewing needs. Over 4 billion videos are viewed a […]

Secrets Of A Successful Business: Excellent Web Design Company

Secret Of A Successful Business Online Owning and running a business is no easy job especially if you are really keen on reaching the top to compensate for all your efforts and investments. To do this, it requires you to have the best and excellent knowledge in terms of producing and manufacturing your own products […]

Online video gets more money than anything

Right now, online video marketing is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to attract traffic to your site. It is an absolute proven killer conversion creator and sales-getting machine. How to Do Online Video like an Expert The smartest marketers have already figured it out in expensive easy-to-do video marketing strategies and you’ll also hear from […]

Web Strategy – What it is and Why You Should Care

The web has the potential to be the single most pervasive and transformative development in the history of business. But only if we learn enough about a web strategy and business to see how it can be applied. As web professionals, Digital Organics realise that when someone comes to us and say’s they want to hire […]