Google Penguin Update and the Implications for SEO


Google’s Penguin update (emerged earlier as a series of Webspam updates) is currently making a lot of online buzz. It appears there were significant number of websites that were affected and penalized for “over-optimization”. As expected, the Penguin update was specifically aimed at sites violating Google’s quality guidelines. It’s the drama and anxiety over algorithm […]

Using Google Analytics to Measure the Success of Social Media


Measuring the value of social media tactics (aka social media ROI) relative to businesses goals proves to be a challenge. From lack of access to inaccurate data, to myriad systems that have more data than we need and not what we truly need, measuring the value of social media continues to be a difficult task. […]

The 4 Types of Lead Nurturing Campaigns?

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is the process of engaging prospects by providing the information and dialogue they need at each stage of their buying process to position your company as the best choice to help them achieve their business objectives. It is about keeping conversations going over time, building relationships and allowing the creation of interest in […]

Smart Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing


Pinterest offers a range of activities you can initiate to market your company to a new audience like in any other social network. The goal is to gain brand recognition, drive traffic to your website and be successful at converting the new visits into leads. Marketers need to find creative ways to promote their brand […]

How to Write Awesome Pay Per Click Ads


The heart of any successful Pay Per Click campaign is using a focused keyword lists. It is absolutely critical that you break down your main keyword lists into smaller lists that are focused around subtopics. If your ads are not targeted to your keywords (i.e. a general purpose ad on insurance showing up for someone who […]

How to Research Keywords for Pay Per Click


Keyword research basically boils down to two steps: finding a profitable topic and then using keyword databases and Pay Per Click (PPC) engines to create lists of keywords around that topic. Your target market is people who are looking to buy/acquire something. Your best chance at getting your prospect to buy something is right before […]

Internal Linking for Higher Search Engine Rankings

search link building

Internal linking is one of the elements of SEO and website development that often gets overlooked. Properly used internal links can be a useful weapon in your SEO arsenal especially if you’re just starting to build your business website. Insuring that every page of your website gets found by the search engine spiders is probably […]

White Hat SEO vs Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO


There is a common notion that SEO is all about keywords, or stuffing pages full of keywords, or spammy writing intended to “game” the search engines into ranking your pages highly, for monetary gain. That is not “good” SEO. In broad terms, it is SEO, because it will sometimes work to raise the organic search […]

The Future of Mobile Commerce

The internet has revolutionized commerce and that same shift is happening now with mobile devices. Every single day, more and more people are making purchases with their mobile phones and with that comes a huge opportunity. People use their phones for a number of things and one of the big things is to make purchases. […]