What to Tweet – Twitter Marketing Tactics


Using Your Followers to Market Your Business Twitter having 140 million users and sees 340 million tweets per day as of March 2012, is a great investment for your marketing efforts. Making your followers spread the message requires dedication and planning. You need people who will spread your message to their followers and so on. […]

Link Building Company, Curiosity Answered

Link Building Company, Curiosity Answered The internet is home to billions of webpages now and these are continually being added every single day. Because of this, it has become difficult for companies to expose themselves and prove to the world that they are the best in their field. That’s the reason why search engines developed […]

Delivering Value to your Twitter Followers


Your Twitter followers are an asset to your business and to your brand. They deserve attention and value from you as you draw their interest to your tweets. Posting good content to Twitter and making your users happy to follow you is the best thing you can do. Spam isn’t the path to success on […]

How Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest


What is Pinterest and Why it Matters Pinterest is growing in popularity as the hottest new social network to take over the Internet. Over the past few months, you may have heard some chatter about it. Unique visitors to Pinterest.com increased by 155% just in one month, from December 2011 to January 2012, that’s according […]

Why Google is Shutting Down Major Link Building Networks

Why-Google Shutting Down Major Link Building Networks

Link building. SEO. Sustainability. Scary words like “banned” and “deindexed.” But what’s the real fuss all about? Last week we saw some big changes from Google as they continue to update their algorithms and the way they rank web sites. The most recent news and discussion was on the dismantling of BuildMyRank, a major link […]

Getting To Know Twitter

The common definitions of Twitter are mired in industry jargon such as “social networking” and “micro-blogging” so if you don’t understand those terms, we need to take a step back for a minute. Twitter is a platform that allows you to share, in real time, thoughts, information, links, and so forth with the Web at-large […]

How to Create Perfect Blog Posts


The most powerful and influential people in any industry have always been the content creators – the thought leaders. Whether a beginner or experienced writer, coming up with a great content can help you achieve your goal in the process of delivering effective message through your blog posts. How do you create the perfect blog […]

Learning The Top SEO Techniques For Your Website

There are a lot of things that need to be looked at and considered to make a certain SEO strategy work especially for the website you own. Constant communication is needed here especially with your web designer. Search Keywords Keywords that are relevant as anchor text can really be a big help in building links […]

Getting Noticed with Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is about taking what you already do well and spreading your knowledge into other areas of your target market to increase your reach and build a reputation for subject matter expertise. It can grow your online efforts into something sought-after, authoritative, and even profitable. But what is it? And where do you begin? […]