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What is Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

Everyday, more and more people are using search engines and social media to search for content and socialize in the web. In order for your business to succeed in this new age, you need to draw people to your website. But how? With Pay-per-click ads and similar forms of marketing, it is more expensive and […]

Become a Content Marketing Strategist

Become a Content Marketing Strategist

The marketing world has changed, and in order to be successful, you must change your strategies to benefit the most and take advantage of social media. But first, you must make an important first step: change your mindset from promotional marketing to content publishing. Gone are the days where buying television ads, the same is […]

Top 5 Online PR News Tips in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

Top 5 Online PR Tips

The main takeaway with great PR is that it positions your business as an expert. Nowadays, doing offline PR is different from online PR. We’ve got an old belief that it’s just a text document. But we’re now on the 20th century. It’s simply all about integration. You should avoid making separate “silos” within your […]

Content Marketing is the Most Important Factor in SEO


When you think of SEO, you should think of content marketing. These competitive industry is about content being king and attracting visitors through the compelling content you can provide to your audience. There are 27 million pieces of online content shared everyday. Major search engines are focusing on creating the best possible user experience, which […]

How to Create Perfect Blog Posts


The most powerful and influential people in any industry have always been the content creators – the thought leaders. Whether a beginner or experienced writer, coming up with a great content can help you achieve your goal in the process of delivering effective message through your blog posts. How do you create the perfect blog […]

Getting Noticed with Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is about taking what you already do well and spreading your knowledge into other areas of your target market to increase your reach and build a reputation for subject matter expertise. It can grow your online efforts into something sought-after, authoritative, and even profitable. But what is it? And where do you begin? […]

How to Curate the Conversation

The great challenge in marketing isn’t setting up a site (even though it can be challenging in itself for some). It’s the actual publishing of content where marketers typically drop the ball. Publishing is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. However, publishing as a content curator is incredibly simple once you get […]