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Email Strategies to Market to Abandoned Shopping Cart

Shopping cart abandonment is a common scenario in an online purchasing process. It happens when buyers abandon their online shopping cart due to circumstances ranging from personal indecision to the merchant’s poor marketing efforts. In 2010, Forrester Research and MarketingSherpa reported abandonment rates of 55% and 52% respectively. By this year, 2012, the numbers hovered […]

Website Design: Mobile Web Must Haves

Okay here are the things that your business mobile website version must have. You need to seriously consider this for the success and benefit of your business. Many businesses have already become successful because they were aware of this “must-haves” and you should too. Mobile Web Must Haves The first is the feedback system. This […]

Seven Essential Truths About Email Marketing

Getting smart about email marketing doesn’t mean knowing all the answers. It means knowing what makes email marketing work and what type of resources you need to build something effective. Here’s what you need to know about the seven key truths of email marketing. Email Has Evolved into a Cornerstone of Our Lives Omniture reports […]

The Five Types of Email

If you have not first effectively defined why you are embarking on an email marketing campaign, spending time improving the “in-business” tactical elements will not significantly improve your efforts. Determine first what’s the ultimate message you want to resonate with your reader and how your reader will be able to demonstrate that they have not […]

Be On Top With Digital Marketing

Marketing has been unremarkably the greatest advantage of any business in the world today. Everywhere you go, you will advertisements or posters or billboards of some products available in the market. But compared from the past years, the world has grown rapidly and therefore billboards and posters are not enough to reach the big market […]