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Here are some great Tips for working with Google+ for your own website, Wordpress blog or Business site. Digital Organics is a Web development and Internet Marketing Agency with skills and tools to increase traffic and customers to your website. Please check out the Articles and Pages on Digital Organics and Contact Us for more details.

Google+ Tip 3: Google+ Direct Connect

By | January 16th, 2017|Google+ Tips|

  Google+ Tips - Direct Connect Google+ has a unique feature called Direct Connect which has been rolled out to the whole Google+ and Google Search system. This is going to become huge for business and they can see it become a second nature for users to do this when doing search queries. If you're searching for whatever brand, event, or thing you want, it may already be type-sensitive. You want to connect right away by searching on Google search bar and as you type the auto-complete word starts. Type plus sign (+) on Google search bar followed by the product name [...]

Being One With The Big G

By | April 10th, 2013|Google+ Tips, SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing|

It’s really cool naming Google the Big G. They’re worth it, the biggest and the most informative search engine a person can rely on. That’s the reason why a lot of online entrepreneurs are working their hearts out to make it to the top and the way to do this is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. For years, a lot of theories have been made regarding the most effective method for SEO. The problem is only few of them works especially if Google does a little tweak on its algorithm. Regardless of the theory you believe in or services you subscribe [...]

Introducing the Google Plus Share Button

By | April 26th, 2012|Google+ Tips|

Along with launching its Drive cloud storage solution, Google just released its answer to Facebook's Share button. This new tool can be embedded on your website or blog and will allow you and your visitors to easily share content from anywhere on the web directly to Google+. The Google+ Share button works in a similar fashion to the Facebook Share button, including a share count and thumbnails of people in your circles who have already shared that item. It is somewhat a less confusing and more straightforward version of the +1 button. The new share button works differently from the +1 button, [...]

Google+ Tip 5: Promoting your Google+ Page

By | January 16th, 2012|Google+ Tips|

The first thing to remember before promoting and spreading the word about your Business Page is to setup them with basic information and features visible your product or service. Only share content once you've already setup your profile properly. Make sure you have the basic content, profile image, welcome posts. There are vital functions that you should not miss before promoting your page. Add the basic content first Spread the word Frequent updates (at least weekly updates) Sharing in details The main way to promote your page is through the sharing tools as they're quite powerful than Facebook and Twitter because it [...]

Google+ Tip 4: Google+ Hangouts

By | January 16th, 2012|Google+ Tips|

Google+ Hangouts is one of if not the biggest feature within Google+ and Google+ Pages. A "hangout" is basically an event that you can start and run for the people in your circles through a video using your webcam. There are also hangout apps that's starting to appear so you can do much more things. Let's go to the process of setting up a hangout. On your Google+ stream page, you can see a link box with a yellow icon at the middle right of the page indicating "Start a hangout". Just click on that and a new window will pop up. [...]

Google+ Tip 2: Create Your Google+ Business Page

By | January 16th, 2012|Google+ Tips|

How you create a Google+ Business Page is very simple and quick. Just login to your Google account and go to to setup your Business Page profile. At the left side of the page, pick a category for your business based on the following: Local Business or Place - includes hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services, etc Product or Brand - may include apparel, cars, electronics, financial services, etc. Company, Institution, or Organization - including companies, organizations, institutions, non-profits, etc Arts, Entertainment or Sports - may include movies, tv, music, books, sports, shows, etc. Other - If your page doesn't fit in [...]

Google+ Tip 1: The Google+ Badge

By | January 16th, 2012|Google+ Tips|

Google+ Badge is a brand new plugin system which is a great way for linking your website directly with your Google+ Page and creating a brand between both of them. It makes very easy for people to add your page to their circles. Just go to On the left side, go to Plugins and then below click Badge. It will show there a preview of how your Google+ Badge would look like once integrated on your website. The page also features the Direct Connect and +1 button but let's discuss Google+ Badge first. The +1 button continues to provide a great [...]

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