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5 Must-Dos for SEO Beginners

Whether you operate as an online business, an eCommerce storefront or an indie blogger, proper SEO can make or break your website in 2020. According to Smart Insights, there are 4.54 billion internet users in the world by 2020, with Google dominating the search engine market with a 73.34% share. With such a large number […]

Marketing Battles: The Tactics To Increase Your Sales

The global market today is like at war. Businesses and companies are outdoing each other with their own line of products and services. Having a business means that you have to be involved in this competition you need to do your best to overcome your opponents. You need to be able to defeat them by […]

Samsung AdHub Market – New Mobile Advertising Platform


With the digital advertising industry growing on a remarkable high, Samsung announced its own mobile advertising platform recently. It teams up with OpenX Technologies to create “the world’s first global mobile private exchange”. The upcoming service dubbed as the Samsung AdHub Market will allow advertisers to place targeted ads on Samsung’s phones and tablets starting […]

Google Promises Augmented Reality Through Futuristic Glasses


Dubbed as Project Glass, Google revealed recently the coolest hardware device they are working on. Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted in a charity event wearing something that apparently intrigued tech and industry people alike. Promising an artificial-intelligence software, this laboratory-phased product is aiming to create an ‘augmented reality’ platform. It would eventually bring the […]

Why More Companies Are Eager To Hire People With Autism

Getting a good job is hard, even if you have strong social skills like being able to network and make small talk with potential employers during interviews. But for individuals with autism who often have trouble with basic interactions, getting a foot in the door professionally can be even more daunting. That was the case […]

The Power of Behavioural Retargeting

Behavioural retargeting, or ad retargeting, is the process of showing advertising (particularly display or text link advertising) to visitors based on their previous browsing behavior. It refers to the move away from simply using Google display ads and implementing advertising campaigns based upon website visitor behaviour. You may have noticed this in the form of […]

The Integration of Social Media with TV Shows

social media TV

Imagine that you are in a cafe watching your favourite TV show on your tablet PC and an important meeting comes-up out of nowhere. What would you do then in such a situation? Well, just hit the pause button, finish the meeting and as you get into the subway train to the nearest location to […]

Microsites – Focusing your Marketing Efforts

Microsite MArketing

If you’ve managed to get your site into the top of the search engine results for the key phrases you’ve targeted and you’re wondering what’s next then consider microsite marketing. Microsites can be a great way to expand your marketing presence on the web. A microsite is any sort of stand-alone website that may be […]

The Importance of Integrated Marketing to your Business

integrated marketing

Integrated marketing is the holistic approach to communication in marketing. It is about making sure that you are being consistent in your marketing plan both online and offline. This will help you by optimizing your marketing and investing your money towards the most effective approach. We should look at marketing in two segments – online […]