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What’s New In Mobile Internet Marketing

Mobile Websites in Internet Marketing To become a successful long-term online business person, you have to concentrate on what’s new in internet marketing. The reason is fairly simple; it shows the changing and evolving behavior of the consumers. Now the latest trend is focused on mobile web design. In a nutshell, mobile website design simply […]

Optimizing Your Mobile Website

If you optimize your mobile website, you will really get the best benefits. Your site may rank higher in search results which will mean increase traffic and of course click-through. Mobile internet users will likely to be in your website when they do a search. This way, they can ultimately increase your profit or even […]

The Future of Mobile Commerce

The internet has revolutionized commerce and that same shift is happening now with mobile devices. Every single day, more and more people are making purchases with their mobile phones and with that comes a huge opportunity. People use their phones for a number of things and one of the big things is to make purchases. […]

“Go Mo” – Google’s Online Mobile Compatibility Testing Tool

Mobile is the growing trend predicted to take over the online marketing arena in the coming years as more and more people are using mobile devices to get online every day. Industry giant, Google, has created a tool, Go Mo, to help you mobilize your site now and prepare for this big shift. Being “mobile-friendly” […]

The Current State of the Mobile Marketing

No one can deny that mobile phones are the thing nowadays. Its technologies go along with the proliferation of the Internet in the recent years. In fact, half of the connections to the internet are from phones. This new mobile marketing world consists of terms like smartphones, SEO, mobile sites, geolocation, and social marketing. Local Mobile […]

6 Tips For iPhone Design

Designing for iOS6 devices is totally different from designing for the web. Here’s how to conceptualize, design, and develop a successful user interface for iPhone. 1. Make a Development Choice The first choice is Apple SDK. It’s got steep learning curve, cocon and objective C. It uses apps from the Apple SDK which is $99 […]

Is this the Year of Mobile Marketing?

potential of mobile marketing

Analysts have been saying that it was “the year for mobile” for a long time, and this has created a false expectation. Mobile marketing will evolve just like traditional online marketing did – over time. It will see small surges as technology improves or key demographics change, but overall, we can expect the growth and […]

A Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Technology

Technology promises to be even more exciting as we are now living in a world where our sneakers can interface with our phones (Nike) and our treadmill can Tweet our workouts (Netpulse). Mobile technology such as networks and handsets will continue to improve, as it always has, but what is more interesting for marketers is […]

Driving Traffic to your Mobile Microsites

Mobile Microsites

Let’s face it, mobile communication is here to stay and new, and sometimes old, marketing tactics are emerging in this medium. Enter the mobile microsite. A microsite is one of the most effective ways to communicate a highly-targeted message or concept in a way that inspires user action. Mobile microsites are all about simplicity – […]

Mobile Marketing & Coupons Overview

Mobile Marketing Coupons

Introduction to Mobile Marketing Promotions Mobile couponing, or mCoupons, have yet to be widely adopted in Australia, but they have seen much more success in Europe and Asia. Retailers send out nearly 3 billion mobile coupons worldwide per year according to a 2008 study by Jupiter Research. Despite the complications, mobile couponing is a great […]