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How to Write Awesome Pay Per Click Ads


The heart of any successful Pay Per Click campaign is using a focused keyword lists. It is absolutely critical that you break down your main keyword lists into smaller lists that are focused around subtopics. If your ads are not targeted to your keywords (i.e. a general purpose ad on insurance showing up for someone who […]

How to Research Keywords for Pay Per Click


Keyword research basically boils down to two steps: finding a profitable topic and then using keyword databases and Pay Per Click (PPC) engines to create lists of keywords around that topic. Your target market is people who are looking to buy/acquire something. Your best chance at getting your prospect to buy something is right before […]

Facebook Launch Mobile Ads

On February 29, 2012, the company’s first Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) is taking place. It is speculated that Facebook might reveal more details about mobile ads at the marketing conference they are hosting in New York. The Facebook ads are rumored to roll out anywhere in the first week of March 2012 for which Facebook […]