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5 Must-Dos for SEO Beginners

Whether you operate as an online business, an eCommerce storefront or an indie blogger, proper SEO can make or break your website in 2020. According to Smart Insights, there are 4.54 billion internet users in the world by 2020, with Google dominating the search engine market with a 73.34% share. With such a large number […]

Why We Use SEO Powersuite — Why You Should Too


Developing your SEO in a way that generates more traffic requires you to outline a keyword strategy, but only software can offer a competitive overview of your SEO as a whole. Additionally, the phrases, URLs and content pieces that you need to rank with are only effective when backed by competitive research, and this is […]

Google’s Author Rank – Why it matters

Google’s Author Rank – Why it matters Author Rank is one of the ways that dramatically shifted the face of SEO in the last 12 months. Google will rank content written by an established writer higher than content written by an anonymous or untrustworthy writer. Google has admitted that is “who you are” that matters […]

Knowledge Graph – Google Reveals Semantic Search


Google has unveiled the Knowledge Graph, which they’re calling the “first step in the next generation of search.” The Knowledge Graph refines universal search with semantic search approach. The news is called by Google as a first major update since 2007. As of writing, this initial launching is gradually rolling out to U.S. English users […]

Google Penguin and Panda Updates – What Works Best Now is What has Always Worked


Google Penguin and Panda Updates SEO Industry experts are always on the look out for the recent updates from Google and it’s constant changes in search algorithm. The Panda updates which have been hitting search results for months have been followed by the newly conceptualized algorithm known as Penguin. The main concern always is about […]

Negative SEO – Can your Competitors Hurt You?


The aim of SEO is to increase your site’s visibility in the search engine results pages. High rankings on search engines can help you to get a lot of customers. If your website has high rankings on Google for a good keyword then your website will get a lot of attention. But your competitors also […]

Google Penguin Update and the Implications for SEO


Google’s Penguin update (emerged earlier as a series of Webspam updates) is currently making a lot of online buzz. It appears there were significant number of websites that were affected and penalized for “over-optimization”. As expected, the Penguin update was specifically aimed at sites violating Google’s quality guidelines. It’s the drama and anxiety over algorithm […]

Internal Linking for Higher Search Engine Rankings

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Internal linking is one of the elements of SEO and website development that often gets overlooked. Properly used internal links can be a useful weapon in your SEO arsenal especially if you’re just starting to build your business website. Insuring that every page of your website gets found by the search engine spiders is probably […]

White Hat SEO vs Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO


There is a common notion that SEO is all about keywords, or stuffing pages full of keywords, or spammy writing intended to “game” the search engines into ranking your pages highly, for monetary gain. That is not “good” SEO. In broad terms, it is SEO, because it will sometimes work to raise the organic search […]

The Best SEO Practices for Link Building to your Website


The tactics used by Google with the “Panda update” will be reused in 2012 to find spam links. Here’s three main advanced link building tactics you can use so that your backlinking pages don’t get penalized by Google. 1. Rotating “partial match” anchor text The anchor text is the text people click on to get to […]