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SEO Checklist for New Business Web Sites


You got a new website and you want to make sure you’re doing the right things in the right order. You’ve got to have everything set up for success. What are the things that you should be doing and what are some things that you shouldn’t be doing. Here’s a good SEO checklist for websites […]

Knowing What Google Wants

Winning SEO Pointers To Remember It’s the question a lot of people ask, what does really Google want? Actually, this is a question no one really knows the answer. You have to think that Google is considering around 200 different things with its algorithm and no one has ever figured that out. If it was […]

Being One With The Big G

It’s really cool naming Google the Big G. They’re worth it, the biggest and the most informative search engine a person can rely on. That’s the reason why a lot of online entrepreneurs are working their hearts out to make it to the top and the way to do this is through SEO or Search […]

Trust, The Most Essential Factor In Link Building

The main work when you’re into online marketing is search engine optimization. Its sole purpose is to get your website into the spotlight. Meaning, this work will strive to make your contents, services and everything that you offer be noticed on major search engines and be placed on higher ranks. It’s important especially if you […]

Link Building Company, Curiosity Answered

Link Building Company, Curiosity Answered The internet is home to billions of webpages now and these are continually being added every single day. Because of this, it has become difficult for companies to expose themselves and prove to the world that they are the best in their field. That’s the reason why search engines developed […]

Why Google is Shutting Down Major Link Building Networks

Why-Google Shutting Down Major Link Building Networks

Link building. SEO. Sustainability. Scary words like “banned” and “deindexed.” But what’s the real fuss all about? Last week we saw some big changes from Google as they continue to update their algorithms and the way they rank web sites. The most recent news and discussion was on the dismantling of BuildMyRank, a major link […]

Learning The Top SEO Techniques For Your Website

There are a lot of things that need to be looked at and considered to make a certain SEO strategy work especially for the website you own. Constant communication is needed here especially with your web designer. Search Keywords Keywords that are relevant as anchor text can really be a big help in building links […]

Why Oh Why?: A Few Simple Reasons Why you are not getting SEO Results

So, it seems like you’ve done everything, you’ve tried all the techniques, you’ve purchased every product and services in the cyber world but still nothing much happens in brining you search results to your website. Well the thing is, unless you’re optimizing for just a few target keywords, SEO results really can be slow to […]