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How do you Market on Facebook?

Facebook Marketing

As we put many techniques into practice we’re seeing that the best way to market on Facebook boils down to a cycle of events- Content, Traffic, Influence, and Offer. Remember that Facebook is not about intrusive marketing where you try to just get in front of as many eyeballs as possible and push something down […]

Social Media Monitoring & Online Reputation Management

Social Media Monitoring and Online Reputation Management

Social Media Monitoring is used to monitor your brand’s reputation, your competitors movements, and as an effective tool for market research. It can help solve customer complaints or questions, collate suggestions and help your product development and to prevent and mitigate negative coverage. There are plenty of tools at your disposal – both free and […]

Inside Google’s ‘Search, Plus Your World’

p>In early January, Google has introduced a social search feature called “Search, plus Your World”. This officially marks the social search revolution as it transforms its famous search engine more radically than ever. Its integrated search result now understands not only content, but also people and relationships. This change actually merges Google’s social networking initiative, […]