Facebook Tip 1: Never use Auto Posting to Facebook

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Auto Posting: A Facebook No-No

Auto posting can surely save a lot of time compared to manually posting updates on activities for your Facebook Page. Every post you create on your blog, every tweet you make, every email, these get auto posted on Facebook. Auto posting software saves you time from going into your page and post the same thing over again and it automatically creates links as your status update.

However, instead of making your Facebook Page as productive as you imagine it would be, auto posting can destroy your page. You wouldn’t get as much fans visiting your page as you expect instead, it’ll kill it.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t use auto posting on Facebook:

The Facebook Impressions Difference

Auto postings don’t get as much impressions as compared to manually posted status updates. It also doesn’t bring a lot of feedback. The difference is hugely significant that manually posting status updates and links can double the amount of impressions you’d get as compared to when you use an auto posting software.

Fact: Facebook Does NOT like auto posting

Facebook doesn’t like auto posting that’s why you don’t get as much as you expect to generate from this automated stuff. Twitter posts and blog posts that automatically get posted on Facebook will give you poor results. So if you think you save time by doing this, then you’re wrong. Twitter has no problems with auto posting as compared to Facebook. So if you can find software that can automatically post your Facebook status updates to your blog and Twitter page then it would be a better idea.

Bottom line: Less Impressions = Less People See You

The fact that you have a Facebook Fan Page is because you want to advertise something, update your fans with the activities and stuff you’re up to and generate more people into your page. You won’t reach these expectations if you keep on using auto posting software. The best way for more people to see you is to manually post every update. Spend some time to post events and links on your status and find out for yourself the huge difference.

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