Facebook Tip 6: Facebook Notes: How and Why

Facebook Tips

Facebook Notes are one of the great Facebook Applications that you can use to generate free fans for your Facebook Business Page.

How can you use Facebook Notes?

Facebook Tips - Facebook Notes

You can start by clicking “Notes” underneath your profile image.
Click “Write a Note” to be found on the upper right hand corner of your screen.
On the Editor

  • Title – enter the title you wish your note to have
  • Body – the relevant text you want to share
  • Tags – enter names of people or fan pages you want to tag in this note
  • Photos – you may add photos from your profile or upload from your computer that are relevant to your topic

Click “Publish” when done.
Automatically all tagged will receive notifications and your Note will appear on their Homepages.

What to put in the Facebook Note?

You can practically write anything you want in your note. But since this is a Fan Page you have to remember a few things:

When you write a note, you must always think about your market.
What do you want your fans to hear about your market?
What do you want them to read about that’s interesting?
It must be controversial.

Create a great content.
Great content must always be something relevant to your market and something that would compel readers to react or respond. Asking questions from a very relevant content could stimulate a lot of responses and discussions.

What can a Note do to your Fan Page and Market?

A simple note with an interesting content can generate a lot of responses. This alone can do a lot to your Fan Page and to whatever your Page is all about.

The power of Tags
Tagging people – Tagging one person alone can make your note visible and available to all that person’s Facebook friends. A compelling content would make people to comment on that Note. At the same time, each person that comments on that Note would create news feeds that would also be visible to their friend’s walls. The chain just keeps on going, making your Note and Page visible to a great number of prospects.

Tagging a Fan Page – Tagging a Fan Page makes your Note visible not only on that pages Homepage but also to all that Fan Page’s fans. Just like a virus, it spreads on Profile pages, walls and every comment shows up on news feeds and every profile it got linked to.

You also have to remember to tag only limited number of people at a time and relevant Fan pages to prevent your note from becoming spammy.

The Share button
The more interesting the content of your note is, the more likely people would hit the Share button and share to their friends.

Go to Relevant Fan Pages
Go to relevant Fan Pages that you share the same market with. Check out their own Notes and comment on them. Make a great conversation in there. In this way, you make yourself and your own Fan Page visible to others. The more interesting you become, the more people would check out your own page too. This invites more visitors and free fans.

Use your Personal Profile
Create a great content for the Notes of your Personal profile. Make a link to your Fan Page within the content and ask friends to check it out. Make some tags and let it spread.

The whole point of creating Notes is to invite people to comment on them. So it is important that each note must be relevant to your market and make it as controversial and as interesting as possible to stimulate interests, reactions and responses.

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