Google+ Tip 1: The Google+ Badge

Google+ Badge

Google+ Badge is a brand new plugin system which is a great way for linking your website directly with your Google+ Page and creating a brand between both of them. It makes very easy for people to add your page to their circles.

Just go to On the left side, go to Plugins and then below click Badge. It will show there a preview of how your Google+ Badge would look like once integrated on your website. The page also features the Direct Connect and +1 button but let’s discuss Google+ Badge first.

The +1 button continues to provide a great way for visitors of your site to recommend your content or products, and share that content with their circles on Google+. Now, the Google+ badge allows visitors to directly connect with and promote your brand on Google+. After you’ve connected your site to your Google+ page, add a Google+ badge to help visitors find and engage with you on Google+.

They have a configuration tool where you can get your Google+ page link and right away it shows a preview of your Google+ page. The Google+ badge is available in a number of sizes and with different functionality to accommodate different sites’ needs. You may want to choose what size is suitable for your website.

You can customise the name of your badge and you can see the changes on the preview box. At the bottom, you can now copy and paste the code into your site.

You may position yourself now and work hard on how to use this. It’s very simple and useful tool on Google+ for your business page that’s done very easily.

Think of Google+ presence online as a complete system consisting of search, +1, and business pages and if you connect all of those to your website and also the Google+ Direct Connect which appears in search results then you’re going to boost the exposure of your page and your brand through the Google website and Chrome browser which has a lot of +1 stuff built onto it.

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