Google+ Tip 3: Google+ Direct Connect

Google+ Tips – Direct Connect

Google+ has a unique feature called Direct Connect which has been rolled out to the whole Google+ and Google Search system. This is going to become huge for business and they can see it become a second nature for users to do this when doing search queries.

If you’re searching for whatever brand, event, or thing you want, it may already be type-sensitive. You want to connect right away by searching on Google search bar and as you type the auto-complete word starts. Type plus sign (+) on Google search bar followed by the product name or anything you want to search.

While you type, there is already an auto-suggestion below if it has a Business Page on Google+. Business Pages showing on auto-suggestion as you work on your search inquiry is already part of Google Direct Connect working in action. Try searching Toyota USA for example.

When you click the Google Business Page result below, you will then be brought to the main Google+ Page. A feature bar will pop out telling “You found this page via Google Direct Connect from Google Search. Add this page to your circles?” Right away you can add this page in one of your circles and follow and connect to them via Google+.

For businesses, people can now search and find you on Google+ and add you in their Circles. They can comment or +1 your posts, photos, video, links and share them with their own Circles which is a good way to get the word out for your customers.

Overall that’s a pretty seamless way for people to connect with your Google+ page and because it is integrated closely and tightly with the Google system, it can take off and become a huge source of traffic for your actual Google+ page.

If your competitors have already setup their Google+ page that poses as a good advantage for them which is why you should now consider this powerful feature of the Google+ Direct Connect on your Google+ Business Page.


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