Google’s Author Rank – Why it matters

Google’s Author Rank – Why it matters

Author Rank is one of the ways that dramatically shifted the face of SEO in the last 12 months. Google will rank content written by an established writer higher than content written by an anonymous or untrustworthy writer.

Google has admitted that is “who you are” that matters in SEO. Google is actively monitoring how much your blog posts are shared, tweeted, linked on Facebook Fan Pages, etc. Google knows that if the internet as a whole isn’t listening to you and isn’t sharing your sites, it’s probably not great work. And it probably doesn’t deserve to be ranked highly in Google and get all that free SEO traffic.

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That’s the situation now. Google’s interpretation of your popularity in the marketplace is going to matter more and more in 2018.

These changes are to look forward to because it means that big corporate brands or the people with the biggest link building budgets won’t necessarily be the automatic winners in the top 10 of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Who’s going to win are the people doing work that matters – the dedicated folks creating something worth sharing day by day.

Your publishing strategy is where one should be focusing for 2018. If you don’t, your sites will be left behind.

This idea of putting your reputation on the line and making a difference in your niche is a lot more work than buying some PLR articles, installing WordPress and adding Adsense to the mix.

Hopefully the idea of creating a legacy with your business inspires you. Indeed, it’s time for you to work on your brand and your products – SEO shortcuts will soon be a thing of the past.

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