How To Set Up a Facebook Business Page – Part 3 – Engagement

Facebook Business Page Tips

Facebook Business Page engagement is all about how to get people to interact and communicate with you on your Fan Page. It can be very frustrating if you are the only person posting anything on your Facebook Page. There are some simple steps that you can do to create curiosity, interest, and discussion which then causes people to post and like your comment and the will share it to their friends. This is the key to have a successful Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement is about your Fan Page and how you can generate interaction and conversation on your Fan Page to make it seem like a vibrant, lively place; a place where everyone would want to join, to share their thoughts, feelings, and questions and concerns about a project or a topic, or a niche market. So this is the kind of environment you want to create for your Fan Page.

Facebook Engagement

Some of the objectives of having a very engaged Fan Page on Facebook would be to:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Generate new leads
  • Make sales
  • Empower advocates/evangelists for your business – this by generating customers who are so passionate and so loyal about you and your brand, your products or services, that they’re gonna tell all of their friends how great you are. You want to give those advocates a lot of juice, a lot of fuel that may make them want to share your post. That’s the kind of vibe you want to create within your Fan Page.

Find a Balance

It is very important for every Fan page owners to find a balance.

  • Balance between conversation and promotion
  • Emphasis on conversation – the balance must be very much weighted on the conversation side and less on the promotion side. About 80 percent of conversation and only about 20 percent og promotion is what you would be doing.


Engagement is important and it is about:

  • People clicking the “Like” button on a post that you’ve made.
  • People commenting on a post you’ve made.
  • Clicking on a photo.
  • Or watching a video.

Facebook Engagement

That’s what engagement means. The higher the engagement is in your Fan Page, the more relevant Facebook will find your Fan Page and you will rank higher in the Facebook Search. And you will do better with your Facebook Ads. Meaning, improved search results and cheaper PPC.

What you need to understand is that about .02% of all Fan Page update on Facebook ever make it on the Facebook News Feed.

How do you end up in people’s News Feeds?

News Feed is the section in Facebook where the news of the most popular people and the most popular Fan Pages will appear for you and for your customers. This is determined by the Facebook News Feed algorithm. The higher the engagement on your Fan Page, the more likely you will end up in your customers’ News Feeds and they will see your updates. If you had somebody hit “Like” and they never engaged with you, you will never show up in their News Feed. If people don’t engage with you, your content will not appear.

It’s not automatic. Not because you have 10,000 Likes on your Page doesn’t mean that you are going to be very popular and you’re going to have a lot of people interacting because your posts aren’t even showing up in their News Feeds.

Here are some strategies for you to end up in their News Feeds.

Find Key Figures
You need to find and follow very key figures in your market because they’re gonna show you how to do it. Find people who are very good with their engagement in your market. Follow them, watch what they do, and engage on their page. Comment on them and see that they will start to show up in your News Feed as well.

Ask your Fans what they want
What you’d do is to go to your wall and you make a comment. You ask your fans what they want more of. There’s a lot of feedback that you’ll receive from your fans this way.

What do you like to see?
Think about you and when you’re browsing through Fan Pages, what kind of stuff grabs your attention? It must be photos and videos because they are the most intriguing. But what do you like to see and do more of that on your Fan Page.

Be human
Be yourself. Talk like you’re yourself. Even if you’re posting for a big corporation talk like you’re yourself because you need to have a human face with social media. The better you gonna do to get people interact with you the more you’re gonna do better in your Fan Page.

facebook engagement

Trial and Error
You got to see what works for you and your niche market and do more of that. Every single one of us is different. Every single one of our businesses is different. You’re going to have to test and see. It’s definitely recommended that you go and follow other people in your market and see what they’re doing and see what kind of interaction they’re getting. It’s very transparent. You’ll see what’s working and you can make changes and do it better.

No Automated Content
Now this is very controversial. A lot of people post their Twitter updates, their blog updates to their Facebook Fan Page. It is not recommended that you do any of this. It is not recommended to use automated content. If you want to pre schedule your posts or comments using application, then that’s fine. But if you post Twitter updates, that just not seem to work on Facebook. Twitter is fast. You can post 10 or more updates in a day and if you allow that to be auto-feeding, your Facebook is going to look dead and spammy.

Automated content doesn’t usually attract comments and it hurts your chances of showing up in News Feeds. People will see where your comment came from. People will see where your post came from. If it is automated, people are less likely to comment on it.

Ask a Question
This is very effective. Asking questions generate a lot of comments. As it invites people to answer your question. It is a really simple way to get people interact with you.

Encourage Fans to upload photos or videos into your wall
This is something you’ll see and a lot of Fan Pages do this by having something like a contest. This is something that you have to be careful. If you will hold a contest, you should follow the Facebook Terms and Service related to Contests before you do that. This will encourage people to upload photos and videos something related to your niche market. People love to share their photos and it’s a really easy way of getting engagement. Everytime someone uploads a photo, it shows up in their News Feed and it show up in their profile and all their friends see it then your page goes viral. It is a really cool way to get interaction.

Encourage Fans to upload photos

Have a Fan of the Week
A lot of pages use this. It is one fantastic way to get people interact. It also helps that Fan to feel like she’s a part of the community. It becomes less about you and what you’re posting but it becomes Us and the community. Especially when you highlight a Fan for their contribution to your Fan Page.

Facebook Fan of the Week

One technique is to tag someone in your post. Type the name of the person you want to tag within your post. And when you hit “Share” that will automatically appear on the tagged person’s wall. It will show to all of your Fans as well as it will show on your Fan’s page and to all if his friends.

Share content from your Fans
You can highlight a Fan, you can share a content from your Fan as well. So if they have a post from their site or a blog post that they shared with you, you can definitely help support them by sharing it with your other fans as well. It’s really great for those fans who are constantly commenting, engaging and supporting your community to highlight them. When you highlight someone and recognize their achievement, it creates a big impact on them. And they want to promote that to their family and friends.

These are the tips in increasing the engagement in your Fan Page. This is very important because when you set up your ads, you want those people, your fans, to click on one of these ads and for your Fan Page to land here. It doesn’t matter if you only have a few hundred fans. You don’t need to buy a thousand fans because all you want is engagement and interacting with quality people in your page who care about what you’re going to say.