Mobile Marketing – A 19 Billion Dollar Industry by 2012

Today, the mobile phone has become the bridge that links the online world with your offline life. Smart phones are becoming the rule rather than the exception to it, and hardly anyone leaves home without the Internet – or mobile web – in their pocket or purse. Now is the time for you to integrate this powerful, persuasive, and lucrative market. Reach your target demographic wherever they are. Tap into mobile marketing, mobile search engine optimization (SEO), and mobile advertizing with an expert by your side.

Mobile is the Next Big Frontier

Google’s CEO has publicly stated their “next big frontier is mobile”. The Mobile marketing industry was a 3 billion dollar industry in 2009. By 2012 it is projected to be a 19 billion dollar industry – a 400% increase in spending.

With help from Digital Organics, you will not have to reinvent the wheel; instead, leverage your existing marketing campaigns and make them relevant for a mobile audience. You know your business, and Digital Organics knows how to translate your existing campaigns, websites, and promotions into successful mobile marketing strategies. Whether you want to start out with a mobile advertising campaign, or make an immediate splash with an app (mobile application), we will provide sound advice and measurable results.

With so many people relying on mobile devices every day, not providing a mobile-optimized version of your website means you could be losing out on important business! Having a solid mobile strategy is key if you want to maximize your reach.

So How Big is the Mobile Web?
  • Their are 5 billion plus cell phone users vs 1.8 billion internet users (almost 3 times the market size)
51 Million of them use Smart Phones.
  • A text message is usually read within 5 minutes of receiving it and open rates are 95%.

  • 73% of new mobile phone users report that text messaging is the most important feature on their phone.

  • Gen y and Z consider email passe. Some universities have stopped distributing email accounts.

  • Advertising is cheaper on the mobile phone. You can buy traffic for as little a $0.02 a click. That is much cheaper than traditional advertising and PPC advertising.
Mobile Marketing Monitoring, Planning and Implementation

Our monthly service includes:

  • QR code campaigns
  • Mobile coupon campaigns
  • Text short code campaigns and list opt-ins
  • Mobile advertising – campaign planning, setup and implementation
  • Monthly reports
Food for Thought…

In the next five years, more people will connect to the internet via a mobile vs. a PC
In 2010, mobile subscribers surpassed 5 billion. The world population is now over 6.9 billion
From January to March 2010, 314.7 million phones were sold –54.3 million of which were smartphones