Outbound Authority Links – How to Use Them

Many people in the SEO industry try to only concentrate on links coming in not knowing that outbound links are also very important. They know that valuable outbound authority links are part of what Google likes to see as part of its recent Google Panda update.

If you happen to look at authority websites on (not the most obvious ones) – but such those of a Huffington article – you will see that almost all their articles – specially the beginning ones – they have got a link pointing to other pages with each and every post. What they’re carrying out is content curating. They are re-writing an article on different resources or simply one resource and then providing links back towards the sources.

Many various other websites perform this – and many more so from a less complicated process. They usually follow these simple methods:

1. Introduce the post
2. Save the content to their site
3. Review the article
4. Provide a link returning to the original source.

However, here is the important thing: working with a blog utilizing any outbound one-way links to authority sites MAKES you an authority blog. That’s right, search engines likes people to link out – and if you are backlinking out to authority websites more that your associate items – next the amount will simply stay in prefer of your ranking greater.

So in case you link out not just to expert sites – but also to relevant posts at authority websites then you’ll definitely double the result.

How To Use Outbound Authority Links in your Blog Post/s

Let’s say you’ve written a blog post about the latest medical gadget that can help the homeless to help themselves by wearing the gadget. Well, rather than just writing the blog post with great content, you should link a lot to other “related” blog posts/websites – 3 or more is enough.

If there are words in your blog posts that might be better understood if the reader went to Wikipedia, then link up those keywords to Wikipedia.

Google search engine only tries to best emulate how a real human being would search. That being the case, you need to write your blog post with as many informative outbound links you can. Remember this isn’t a hack or plagiarism, it’s just common sense as a good writer.

So next time you write a blog post, see if you can get more outbound links on it too that are related, in time your blog post will show up higher on the search engine results.

Think of it as “references” in a book. The more references you can give Google, the more they will believe you since you’ve backed up your blog post with resources, and thus rank your blog post higher for the same topic.

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