Looking for PPC management?

Looking to kick off a sales campaign or product launch? Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) takes time to produce good results. A good backup is to implement a moderate pay per click (PPC) online advertising campaign to get immediate results.

With our Pay Per Click management services, your business pays only when someone clicks through on your ad. You only pay for results.

Online Advertising Management Services

It’s fast. It’s nimble. It’s everywhere. Online Advertising has evolved far beyond the sponsored listings on Google and Yahoo. From in-video ads on YouTube, to Facebook and LinkedIn, Digital Organics will help you reach your audience with precision targeting.

And because it moves so fast you will need help to manage it effectively and capitalizing on the results of your paid search investment.

Our Pay Per Click services are strategically designed. We deliver effective paid media placements with careful keyword selection, competitor research,and creative development.We carefully plan and constantly monitor your campaign and review creative messages, click-through performance, landing pages, your competition and more.

Pay Per Click Process

A managed pay per click campaign will put your business in the right place at the right time.

The right place is page one of the search engines, and the right time is the exact moment your clients are looking. Our team of certified experts have the skills and experience to consistently deliver outstanding results for companies just like yours.

1 Keyword Research. By researching your business, industry and competitors, we will put together a portfolio of keywords to cater for your budget.

2 Copywriting Ads. After the initial keywords have been agreed upon, we write compelling, effective adverts to funnel traffic to specific landing pages.

3 Create Landing Pages. Before launching your adverts, our design team will examine your website and create efficient, conversion-driven landing pages for your adverts to aim at.

4 Tracking & Reports. To give you an overview of how your pay per click campaign is performing, we install analytics tracking code onto your website. We will then monitor your campaign and report back to you regularly.

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Is your Advertising running at 100%

In 2010, 80.1% of Australian’s regularly used the internet. And people are buying online too – Online spending in Australia grew by 12% and by 2014, it’s expected to reach $18bn a year.

With the numbers of Australian’s searching globally before shopping locally also on the rise, online visibility is vital. A well-managed Adwords campaign offers your business instant search engine visibility and a positive return on investment.