Website Design: Mobile Web Must Haves

Website Design: Mobile Web Must Haves

Okay here are the things that your business mobile website version must have. You need to seriously consider this for the success and benefit of your business. Many businesses have already become successful because they were aware of this “must-haves” and you should too.

Mobile Web Must Haves

The first is the feedback system. This could either be in the form of a link or a separate page on your mobile website design. It would be easier for you to view and reflect what your visitors comment and compliment so that you can make adjustments, modifications or improvements if necessary. Users will really appreciate knowing that you are open to their feedback and that their input can contribute in shaping the future of your app.

Make it simple for your visitors to use. Simplicity is still the best. Focus more on what the users want and give them easy access to whatever they are looking for. Do not make them confused by putting too much images or videos or games or other applications that is not relevant to what they want. They won’t waste time in your site if they cannot find what they are looking for in the first few seconds after they enter your site. Again, keep it simple.

Make use of the phone’s usability. Obviously, it is phone where people can use to call whoever they want. If you are selling a product or offering services or solutions, make it easy for your visitors to call you by designing that page so that they can call you right away with just one tap. This is to avoid the inconvenience of looking for a pen and paper, and then list down your number, exit the site and dial your number manually.

Mobile Websites

It’s very annoying for users when an app is completely useless just because they have a weak signal. You have to consider on how you can build in content or interactivity that does not depend on on a wireless signal. It will make a difference and gain a positive user experience while your users are on-the-go, online or offline.

Through it all, speed still matters. It is very vital for you to make sure that your mobile website is not slow when loading up. It was observed that some people used to hate Facebook or Twitter because of the loading up speed is slow. It is essential that your mobile web does not make people wait around while it loads up because they won’t have much patience for that.

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